2015-06-14 Microfloppy 0

Kairo is a puzzle exploration game. You travel the world of Kairo, trying to move forward and get to the next door… and the next… […]

Broken Age

2015-06-13 Microfloppy 0

Today, Kickstarter has been used by a number of different developers to crowdfund their games. I would like to say that Broken Age was the […]

The Plan

2015-03-01 Microfloppy 0

The Plan is a game by Krillbite Studios. I will start by mentioning that this is one of those games that borderline being art, but […]

Among Ripples

2015-03-01 Microfloppy 0

Among Ripples started out as a student project and has now been released as a free game on Steam. It’s a game simulating the ecosystem […]

Crazy Plant Shop

2015-02-15 Microfloppy 0

Crazy Plant Shop by Filament Games explores the concepts of genotypes in plants. You own a plant shop and your job is to provide customers […]


2015-02-15 Microfloppy 0

Bastion is the first title from Supergiant Games, and it’s an impressive first release. You play “the kid”, a young boy who wakes up after […]


2015-01-09 Microfloppy 0

DEFCON is a strategy game developed by Introversion Software and originally released in 2006. You play a superpower, and you will wage nuclear war against […]

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