2014-12-27 Microfloppy 0

With holidays finally here, I had the time to play a game I’ve been longing to try: Banished! I’ve had my eyes on since it […]

Papers, Please

2014-12-26 Microfloppy 0

Papers, Please is a game made by indie developer Lucas Pope. In this game you are an immigration officer and your job is to guard […]


2014-12-06 Microfloppy 0

Mountain was nominated in the 2014 Game Awards in the category “Games for Change”.  Don’t let yourself be fooled however: It is not a game […]

They Breathe

2014-11-28 Microfloppy 0

In They Breathe you are a frog, swimming in a dark sea. And you are, for some reason, very determined to swim as deep as […]

Road Not Taken

2014-09-05 Microfloppy 0

Now it’s time for a game that has taken up most of my evenings lately. Road Not Taken is a roguelike game developed by Spry […]


2014-08-13 Microfloppy 0

This blog post differs from the usual ones because this time I’m writing about a mobile game. The game in question is called Ingress and […]


2014-08-12 Microfloppy 0

Storm is a puzzle/platform game where you use the elements to guide your seed to good soil. I have tried this game a few times […]

Costume Quest

2014-08-12 Microfloppy 0

Costume Quest is an adventure game by Double Fine Productions. It takes place during Halloween and you are either a twin sister or a twin […]

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