Among the Sleep

2014-08-11 Microfloppy 0

Now it’s time for a game perfect for autumn. Developed by Norwegian Krillbite and originated from Kickstarter, Among the sleep is a first-person horror game […]

Gone Home

2014-07-18 Microfloppy 2

Gone Home is a game of free exploration. (Free enough to gain the popular tag “Walking simulator” on Steam.) It isn’t as much a game […]


2014-07-13 Microfloppy 2

Miasmata is a minimalistic survival game where you play the researcher Robert Hughes. You’re cast away on an island, suffering from some kind of plague, […]

Reach for the Sun

2014-07-11 Microfloppy 0

I have spend this Friday evening playing Reach for the Sun. I usually like simulators and calm, “cosy” games so I thought that Reach of […]

Don’t Starve

2014-06-23 Microfloppy 0

With a Steam sale here, I finally bought a game I’ve wanted to try for a long time: Don’t Starve. It’s an atmospheric adventure game in […]

The Stanley Parable

2013-10-21 Microfloppy 0

This weekend I kept myself entertained with The Stanley Parable, a first person exploration game. Some of you may have heard of the game before […]


2013-08-23 Microfloppy 0

I begin my Steam list playthrough with Reus. It’s currently one of my favourite games – it’s a thoroughly cosy and enjoyable god game. A […]

Hello world

2013-08-09 Microfloppy 0

Microfloppy is a gamer with more than 20 years of gaming experience. My gaming career started with Kalaspuffsexpressen (“The sugar puff express”) and continued with […]

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