Please, Don’t Touch Anything

“Please, don’t touch anything.” It’s the name for a game made by the indie developers Four Quarters. It’s also the instructions you receive at the start of said game, where you are placed in front of a big panel with a single, red, button.

This is an intriguing puzzle game that gives good entertainment for an evening or a day.  Push this button, get that panel, solve the next mystery… One thing leads to another and before you know it you’ll be scribbling math on a paper at 2 am in the morning. (I know I did.)

Please dont touch

The gameplay is fun, the graphics are well made with an old-school theme and the game throws you some interesting twists.

The puzzle difficulties ranges between “easy” to “how-the-heck-was-i-supposed-to-figure-THAT-out”. I solved the larger majority without looking up a guide and without feeling stuck, but I still had some nice challenges and had to really test my problem-solving abilities. There were a good amount of puzzles to be solved so that when I got stuck on one, it was always possible to take a break from that one and turn my attention to another.

6/10 all-seeing eyes



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