Electric Highways

When there’s a lot of things going on in life and in work I end up playing a lot of shorter games. Luckily Steam has had an abundance of free short games lately so I haven’t had a problem finding things to play.

One game that really surprised me was Electric Highways. It was so surprisingly gorgeous and impressive (made by one developer and one composer) that I had to write a review for it.

You play a VR developer in the not-so-far future (2072) who tests his game for the last time. It is mostly a walking simulator, with some puzzle-like elements that mostly consist of finding the correct path to take.

Electric Highways 1

What impresses me is how well the game fits together. Half of the experience is the soundtrack, consisting of nice, smooth synth tunes. The composer has done an amazing job creating the music to the game. Appearance-wise, the graphics are old-school but still manage to look grand and majestic. And, finally, the gameplay flows nicely without any annoying bugs, slow movement, or strange roadbumps. I had a great gaming session with this game and actually ended up playing the game a total four times in a row while just enjoying the music and the setting. It’s a very serene and calming game with a great atmosphere.

Electric Highways 2

9/10 eyes


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