Fingered is a short, Flash-like game developed by Edmund McMillen (developer of Super Meat Boy) and James Id.

It’s basically a “Guess Who”, you will meet a witness who describes a perpetrator and your job is to figure out whodunnit. The witnesses varies, some may talk in opposites, some are timed, some will only give their clues once.


The clues are unorthodox: What does a “hippie” look like? Or someone who is “messy”? Or a “freak”? There are many details to keep in mind.


Once you think you found your man, you “finger” him – meaning he gets put in the electric chair. No second chances!

It is a quirky idea that unfortunately doesn’t work for me. It’s not really my sense of humour and I was hoping for a gameplay more like “Papers, Please”. I played “Fingered” for an hour and after that I was just frustrated. One mistake and you start over from level one. With the same witnesses. Over and over and over…

I think what bothers me is that I have no way of learning from my mistakes. If I electrocute the wrong person, I never get to know what the right choice was. I only get kicked back to the beginning, to try again.

2/10 silly spinner hats


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