Goat Simulator

Have you ever wanted to be a stunt goat? Then Goat Simulator is the game for you.


It really is as silly as it sounds. You are a goat, running around in a world, and you are able to interact with the stuff around you. You knock things over. You scare people. You stick to things with your tongue. You can flip and do somersaults. You can ride a bicycle.

The game is actually an action game, and if you enjoy skateboarding games or games like GTA where you can run around and do tricks, I’m pretty sure you will enjoy Goat Simulator as well.


The graphics are fair, the gameplay at times hilarious. It isn’t anything I play at any greater lengths of time, but for winding down for 30 minutes or if I don’t have anything better to do, Goat Simulator is a great choice. No brain effort needed at all.

6/10 exploding cars


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