The Plan

The Plan is a game by Krillbite Studios. I will start by mentioning that this is one of those games that borderline being art, but The Plan has real gameplay and you need to have some skill to finish. So, even though it is artsy, I am of the opinion that it can be considered a “real” game.

It’s a short game (around 7 minutes) about the life of a fly. There are no menus, no instructions, no prompts: When you start the game you will find yourself staring at a fly.


And then you will figure out what to do and start to move around. You will find obstacles on your way and make your way forward.

As it is very short, I will not say any more about the game or the “story”. I will however say that I really like this short piece. It’s gorgeous to look at, the controls are comfortable, and the uncertainty of the where you are going keeps me interested. The music and sound effects are also well made and contributes to a high quality, meditative, experience.


So try it! It’s free to play, so you have no excuse not to.

7/10 leaves


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