Among Ripples

Among Ripples started out as a student project and has now been released as a free game on Steam. It’s a game simulating the ecosystem of a lake.

It’s clevery made, without any menus or advanced controls. Instead you spawn animals by clicking different items surrounding the lake. You can also click and drag to change the oxygen levels in the lake.


The lack of menus or written text (the only exception is the tutorial, screenshotted above) makes the experience very organic and fluid. It’s a calm game and I can understand how some people would use it as relaxation before, for example, going to bed.

I am however not sold on Among Ripples. I like the controls and the appearance of the game, but the sim just doesn’t hold my attention. I love sim games and usually find them relaxing, but I lost interest very quickly. It doesn’t feel complex enough and I find myself just randomly spawning things and watching them live and die.


It’s fun to see a new indie developer and I hope they will continue producing games because they have produced a good, solid game. Sadly, I just don’t find it entertaining.

2/10 otters



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