Crazy Plant Shop

Crazy Plant Shop by Filament Games explores the concepts of genotypes in plants. You own a plant shop and your job is to provide customers with plants that have the properties/phenotypes that the customers request. The game has adorable artwork and, as there are no quicktime events but is strickly turn-based, is very relaxing.


You buy plants which you can “breed”: You select (using a punnett square) which genes the offspring should have. I found the breeding very easy which in turn made the game very easy, but on the other hand I am probably not the target audience. For kids learning about dominant and recessive genotypes, this would be a great way to introduce them to these concepts.


Other than that, there is not much gameplay to the game. New customers enter, you fill their order, you breed plants until your “breeding machine” runs out of energy, and then you close the shop for the day. Completing orders will make you unlock new types of plants. You win if you have unlocked all plants on the end of day 13.


A great game for anyone who wants to learn about genotypes and inheritance.

4/10 cacti


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