Bastion is the first title from Supergiant Games, and it’s an impressive first release. You play “the kid”, a young boy who wakes up after a terrible accident that has shattered the world. The kid then tries to rebuild the world, by going from city to city and collecting the needed pieces.


Gameplay-wise, Bastion is a dungeoncrawler where you fight your way through set levels and enemies. It’s simple and straightforward; Right click for one type of attack, left click for another. You can also collect potions to be able to perform a limited amount of special attacks. There is no inventory system, but you can switch through weapons when you return to your base, to where you return after each finished level. I found the gameplay quite easy and it was a casual and relaxing experience.


However, the greatness of this game doesn’t lie in the combat system: It lies in the beautiful audio, graphics and storytelling. Bastion is a work of art.
When you start the game, the first thing you will notice is the narrator. A sooth voice that tells the story about the kid as you are experiencing it. As you start walking, you will see the floor and walls being created around you as you move forward. And finally, the soundtrack is gorgeous. I am listening to it now, weeks after I finished the game.


The game has a good length – I finished in around 8 hours all in all. But it’s also the kind of game that you may want to return to and play again. I warmly recommend it.

7/10 city cores


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