DEFCON is a strategy game developed by Introversion Software and originally released in 2006. You play a superpower, and you will wage nuclear war against your enemies.

When playing the game for the first time, DEFCON doesn’t seem that complicated. You start by placing buildings and units that will defend your cities from nuclear attacks as well as launch nuclear missiles at your enemies. The selection of buildings and units are very limited and the gameplay looks simple enough.


The game has 5 levels of DEFCON. The game starts at DEFCON 5, but a timer is constantly running that will slowly reduce the DEFCON. The lower the DEFCON, the more you can do with your units and buildings. At DEFCON 1, nuclear missiles can be launched. As you can only place units and buildings at higher levels of DEFCON, it is important to have a gameplan and a plan already at the beginning.

And here is where DEFCON gets interesting. You need to plan waaay ahead and wait for opportune moments. The gamepace is slow and even though DEFCON is technically an RTS game, it has very few similarities with – for example – Starcraft. DEFCON makes me feel like i am playing a boardgame like Risk or an advanced version of chess.


If you like tactical games and planning ahead, you should give this game a try. There is also a free demo available, so if the game sounds interesting there is no reason at all not to try it.

6/10 submarines


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