Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a puzzle platformer, made by the Swedish developer Starbreeze. You play two brothers on a quest to help their sick father.

I played this game on PC using an XBox controller, which I highly recommend. It can be played using a keyboard as well but I am convinced that you will have a much better game experience using a controller. You will rotate cranks, jump, climb, and experience controller vibrations as things get heated. I can’t see this working at all with a keyboard and you may even miss some very important story elements without a controller.

Much of the charm in this game lies in the game controls: What makes Brothers an interesting game is that you control both brothers simultaneously. It’s like playing a co-op with yourself: One hand will be rotating a crank, the other one will be climbing chains. Distract monsters with one brother while you attack with the other. It’s a game experience I haven’t experienced in my 20 years of gaming, and it works very well.


The surroundings look great and sometimes I took a moment to just look at the view. Magnificent sunsents, massive mountains, green fields… it’s just one picture perfect view after another. The game also has a lot of fun easter eggs that encourage you to explore side paths (even though most of the game consist of a one-way railroad).


Brothers also manages to tell a quite beautiful story, even though the characters speak nothing but Simlish.

The puzzles are pretty good, but I found the game a bit too easy. There were no real brainteasers: The solutions were always clear and there was only one way to go. There were no especially challenging jumps or other kinds of technically challenging passages either.


Playing the game a second time, picking up some achievements and easter eggs I had missed the first, I was also frustrated when I realized that all cutscenes were unskippable. For me, the game was very relaxing and would have a high replayability value, but having to wait for NPCs to move or cutscenes to finish took away from the fun when I had already seen the story once.

But, all in all, Brothers is a great game and gives a whole new gaming experience.

9/10 trolls


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