A Bird Story

A Bird Story is an interactive story from Freebird Games. You play a little boy with his head in the clouds and get to see his story about a bird.

A Bird Story is one hour of beautiful gameplay. The game has a railroad plot and no real options, but the story is great and the scenes are very well done. It is cleverly made and does a perfect job taking you into the imaginative mind of a child. After I finished playing I was completely relaxed and in a wonderful mood.

There are no real gameplay mechanics, inventory or dialogue; You just move around in the scenes and interact with some objects. Much of the time in-game are spent watching cutscenes.


If you have played To The Moon by the same developer, there are some differences between the games. To The Moon is a game with clear gameplay while A Bird Story really is not more than an interactive story. Still, both games have the same “aura” around them and you can tell that they are both made in the same spirit. (The developer has even said that the boy in A Bird Story grows up to be the patient in Finding Paradise, which is the “second episode” in the To The Moon-series.)


If you liked To The Moon or if you enjoy seeing a slow-paced beautiful story, A Bird Story is definitely worth playing.

7/10 birds


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