Only If

Only If is a first-person puzzle/adventure/exploration/3D platformer game developed by indie developer Creability. You play Anthony, a young kid who wakes up after a party. After awakening, things quickly become… weird.

The core of Only If is to make your way through a series of rooms by solving puzzles. I love puzzle games and was expecting something like Gone Home or The Stanley Parable. It didn’t live up to expectation (I will get to that later), but I will say that Only If had a few new ideas that I really enjoyed. I also generally liked the ambience of the game, which was a great combination of creepy and pretty.


But… Unfortunately, the game is also filled with bugs and difficult controls. Some of the puzzles require trial and error which in combination with unskippable dialogue and cutscenes makes the experience some times tedious. I am also missing subtitles as many of the puzzle hints are given in difficult-to-hear one-time dialogue.

The difficult controls really manifest themselves in one of the later levels, which for some reason turns into a loooong platformer. I consider myself pretty good at these types of things, but I still kept bumping into edges and falling to my death, having to restart again and again.


I also have few nice things to say about the storyline. I liked it at the beginning, but the plot twists were strange and juvenile, and I would have much rather liked no explanation at all instead of the story that we got. Also a warning for the sensitive: There is a lot of swearing and adult themes baked into the story.

Even though I can’t recommend this game I am looking forward to seeing the next game by this developer. After all, I liked the general idea of Only If so with some more time and polish the next game they produce may be a hit.

Only If is free on Steam so you may still want to give it a go. Otherwise if you want to play a game similar to this I recommend The Stanley Parable instead.

2/10 radios


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