Papers, Please

Papers, Please is a game made by indie developer Lucas Pope. In this game you are an immigration officer and your job is to guard the border of the fictional country of Arstotzkan to make sure noone unauthorized are allowed to enter.


The gameplay is easily summarized: You inspect passports and other documents to make sure they are correct and not forged. If you let through anyone incorrectly, you recieve a reprimand from the Ministry of Admission. Recieve too many and your paycheck starts suffering. Gameplay-wise, that is pretty much all you have to care about.

However, beyond that layer of mindless data processing is a human aspect. What rules will you bend and for what reason: Will you let the crying old lady reunite with her son even though her documents are missing? Will you take bribes to keep your family fed and warm?


The gameplay can get repetative. You check passports and wide range of different entry documents and keep track of the entry rules that changes from day to day. Is the birthdate correct on all documents? Is the name correct? Weight? Height? And so on and so on…

Still, the game is varied enough to keep my interest for two consecutive playthroughs. This is mainly because of the interesting people you meet and the sub-plots that keeps unfolding. I would definitely recommend you try it if you haven’t already.

8/10 entry tickets


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