They Breathe

In They Breathe you are a frog, swimming in a dark sea. And you are, for some reason, very determined to swim as deep as you possibly can. At first the game is deceptively soothing; The soundtrack is beautiful and the frog swims around merrily. After a while though, things become… weird. And you keep asking yourself what is going on.


I don’t want to say more about the story: The game takes only around 25 minutes to finish so anything more than what I’ve already said becomes a spoiler. Also, the big fun in this game is to explore and trying to figure out how to handle what you meet along the way. I don’t want to take that from you.

The price is also good: It is a short game and priced thereafter, only 2 EUR at Steam.

Finally, as a programmer, I also find the game inspiring. The game is based on a school project and you can tell that the mechanics behind the gameplay is very simple. It goes to show that producing a game, getting widespread attention, and becoming a hit on Steam is not that impossible: As long as you have some programming skills, some art skills, and a good concept to build around.

7/10 bubbles


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