Storm is a puzzle/platform game where you use the elements to guide your seed to good soil. I have tried this game a few times earlier but quit because of bad controls – I am allergic to badly ported games. Now I have an XBox-controller and gave this game one more try.


Unfortunately, Storm didn’t convince me this time either. It’s a shame because I really want to like this game. It’s incredibly beautiful and has a great sountrack with relaxing sound effects. Also, it isn’t developed by any big giants but by the much smallerĀ Eko Software.

I love the charming graphics but beyond that there isn’t much in this game for me. I just get frustrated over stuck seeds and unmanageable controls. I can theoretically solve the required puzzles, but making the controls do what I want is a completely different matter. Maybe it is something for you if you like this kind of challenge, but for me this game experience turns into a stressful, frustrating mess. And I have to say it is a shame because, again, I love the concept and the visuals.

2/10 seeds



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