Costume Quest

Costume Quest is an adventure game by Double Fine Productions. It takes place during Halloween and you are either a twin sister or a twin brother who has to save your sibling from evil trolls.

Unfortunately, when you start the game you can instantly tell that it’s made for console. I gave it two minutes of wobbly movement using my arrow keys until I gave up and plugged in the Xbox-controller. You can also tell from the gameplay that this is a definite console game. One part of the game is basically to smash as many objects as possible and to solve easy quests to collect candy, the currency used in game. (And, for me, that becomes hopelessly monotonous.)


The other part is to fight enemies, which is done with a classic turn-based fighting system. There’s quick-time events here and you have to be fast on your xyab-buttons to get bonuses when you fight. (Something that also enhances the feeling of this being a console game.)


In the end I can summarize the experience with saying that the graphics and the story gives some charm to the game, but that the gameplay becomes repetative. On the other hand, with an Xbox-controller, it would work great as some casual entertainment on a sickday or when you’re a little hung over.

Costume Quest will also be great if you can’t get enough of collecting stuff in games. There’s a long list of quests, achievements, halloween clothes, trading cards, and stamps that you can try to collect.

4/10 candy corn


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