Among the Sleep

Now it’s time for a game perfect for autumn. Developed by Norwegian Krillbite and originated from Kickstarter, Among the sleep is a first-person horror game where you play a small child.

You awake in your crib in the middle of the night and something is definitely not right at hone. You have to find mommy but at the same time avoid the monsters that of course, too, have awakened during the night…

I have only played the demo on Steam (waiting for a sale…) but it was enough to find that this game is pretty scary: My heart was in my mouth and I spent a lot of time in closets and under tables out of fear of running into something. Deep breaths and long breaks are the only way I get through these types of games.


Monsters are attracted (as we all know) by loud noises, so to not risk running into any of them you have to stay quiet. This is of course complicated by having to move stools, chairs, and god knows what to get to doors and passages in a world made for adults.

The game is then twisted even more, but I will let you explore on your own. ;) Game time seems to vary, I’ve read everything between 1,5-4 hours. For the hardened player that found Amnesia fun this will probably just a light version, but for me with a weak heart Among the Sleep definitely did its job raising my adrenalin levels.

7/10 teddy bears


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