Gone Home

Gone Home is a game of free exploration. (Free enough to gain the popular tag “Walking simulator” on Steam.) It isn’t as much a game as a story, and after a playthrough I feel more like having been the main character of a movie or a book than having played a game. In Gone Home, you return to your parents’ home after trip abroad just to find the house empty. Why you don’t know, and you walk through the house trying to figure out what has happened.

So, how is the story? Good, yet predictable, and I like the concept of exploring in my own pace by turning household things around in my hands and reading through letters and newspapers. The game is, unexpectedly, not scary at all. Instead it is relaxing and piques my interest. The sound is atmospheric and contributes to a nice overall feeling. The experience is probably best a rainy autumn evening accompanied with a cup of tea.

Other than that I don’t have much to say. You walk around in a house, open doors, read notes, look at objects, and build your idea of what has happened.

Even though the Gone Home is fun, its biggest problem is that it’s far too expensive. I finished the game after 80 minutes, after taking my time and not rushing anything. The price on Steam is 20 EUR, so in the end the hourly rate is much higher than a visit to the cinema. If you like a good story and want an hour and a half of entertainment I recommend buying this game on a sale.

3/10 note books

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  1. Håller med dig helt, kom in i en riktigt mysstämning när jag spelade spelet :) Jag hade ju förväntningen precis som du att detta skulle vara läskigt, och med den inställningen blev det lite så eftersom jag var på spänn större delen av tiden ;)
    Fin recension :D

    • Mmm, hade definitivt fått mycket högre betyg om det sålts för 5 euro istället för 20 som standard. Gillade sidospåren med föräldrarna riktigt mycket också. :)

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