Reach for the Sun

I have spend this Friday evening playing Reach for the Sun. I usually like simulators and calm, “cosy” games so I thought that Reach of the Sun might suit me. And yes, I got some entertainment out of it but unfortunately not more than that. You can tell that the game is made to educate and that a skilled gamer is not the target audience. After two hours I had played through the game in its entirety and had nothing left to try.


The main purpose of the game is to teach the player about photosynthesis, pollination, and what the different parts of the plant are used for. They have succeeded well in that perspective. Besides that, Reach for the Sun has a pleaseant appearance, a smooth gameplay and nice ambient music. There are also two modes: Classic; where you click your way to resources as fast as you can, and Strategy; which is turn based and thus works better for the players who need more time to read, think, and plan.

Worth to mention is that the game only has support for English in case you are considering buying it for a younger gamer.


The conclusion? Nothing for me, but maybe for younger players.

3/10 carbohydrates


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