Don’t Starve

With a Steam sale here, I finally bought a game I’ve wanted to try for a long time: Don’t Starve. It’s anĀ atmospheric adventure game in which you explore a procedurally generated world and try to survive.
When darkness falls you need to have a fire nearby because the shadows comes alive. And, oh yes, another tiny detail: Permadeath. If you die, you have to start over.

I was glued in front of my computer for two days after buying this game and it has been a fantastic gaming experience. Can I survive the first night? Can I survive through all of the seasons? What is my goal this time? What do I want to try next?

I didn’t think I would like the concept of permadeath – usually I take an unreasonable amount of time to build the perfectly structured base and the thought that I would be able to lose everything in an instant was at first frightening. After my first death – when I realised part of the game is that you are meant to lose everything – I started to explore, to play around, to push boundaries. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. It was liberatingly playful.

(And if you still don’t like permadeath there are Steam mods for everything. Nothing I have tried yet though.)


The only negative thing I can say it that it risks becoming repetative. Steam has registered 23 hours of gameplay for me and I am already running out of ideas. I have a few more things that I want to try, and I have an expansion and a lot of mods that I still haven’t tested, but I already feel that I am reaching a limit on what I can do before I start repeating myself. I think I will give it another weekend of intense playing, and after that it won’t be touched for a few months until I can spend some hours on it again.

6/10 camp fires



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