ORION: Dino Horde

During a free weekend for ORION: Dino Horde on Steam, I took the opportunity to try this game. The first thing I am greeted by in the lobby is advertisements for hats, so it seems like they want to follow Valve’s winning concept of in-game micro transactions.


The aim of the game is to defend your base against dinosaurs: For every dinosaur you kill you get points which you can spend on upgrades and weapons.

Unfortunately, gameplay is lacking. After two rounds I realize I just don’t enjoy playing the game. It may work with a few beers in your body and five friends with the same blood alcohol level, but it soon becomes tedious and the game just doesn’t feel finished. A few bugs, a few wonky controls, a tad repetetative.

In my opinion, TF2 Mann vs Machine is a better choice if you want to defend a base against attacking NPCs, both in regards to gameplay and difficulty level.


Spiral Game Studios is the developer, Steam price is 13,99€, and I just think it’s too expensive compared to what you get.

I wouldn’t mind trying this game again on a LAN party after a few beers, but not as long as it costs money.

3/10 dinosaurs


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